How To Avoid Encountering Fake Sugar Daddy?

When a sugar baby is looking for a sugar daddy there are some sites that are true and will help her find the man that is looking to spoil her. There are also some fake sugar daddies out there that are just looking for something from her. There are some tips on how to avoid encountering a fake sugar daddy.

how to spot a fake sugar daddy

Naked Pictures

If the sugar daddy asks for naked pictures this can be a sign that he is looking to play for free. When a sugar daddy asks for these pictures block them right away. Reliable sugar daddies will not ask for naked pictures right away and they will not ask for these pictures over an internet message. Do not send the pictures. He may never respond again and there is no telling where these pictures will end up.

Take a Test Run

If a sugar daddy wants to test things out in an intimate way before making arrangement avoid him. Once he gets the test run he will not call again. While he may seem like a nice guy at first there is only one thing he his after and one thing on his mind. A real sugar daddy will not ask for a test run. They will sit down and speak with the lady and what she is looking for and what he is looking for. This is how an arrangement will be made.

Pay Per Visit

If the sugar daddy is looking to pay for a visit this can be a sign to avoid. A sugar baby is not his personal therapist and she is no a prostitute. If a man wants to pay per visit, he is not looking to get someone to count on and develop a lasting relationship with. His idea of a visit may be different then what the sugar baby is willing to provide. A real sugar daddy will pay for the relationship and everything that goes with it. He will pay for time, companionship, and any arrangements that are agreed upon by the sugar baby. If he is looking for sessions that he is should not be trusted.

Talks About his Money

If a man talks about what he has and all of his money this can be a sign that something is wrong. While all men like to boast a little, being obsessed with his money can be a sign that he has done.

Make a Deal

Sugar babies are not items that can be bargained for. If he is looking to make a deal and he cannot afford the average costs of a sugar baby something may be wrong. He may not have all the money to pay for a full-time sugar baby so avoid him.

These are some things to look for to avoid a fake sugar daddy. A fake sugar daddy often just has one thing on their minds and do not have the funds for the relationship. A sugar baby should not waste her time on these fakes when she can be with a real sugar daddy.

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